국제전기통신연합 전기통신표준화부문, International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector
호칭 제목
SG 2 Network and service operation
SG 3 Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunications economicand policy issues
SG 4 TMN and network maintenance
SG 5 Protection against electromagnetic environment effects
SG 6 Outside plant
SG 7 Data networks and open system communications
SG 8 Characteristics of telematic systems
SG 9 Television and sound transmission
SG 10 Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems
SG 11 Signalling requirements and protocols
SG 12 End-to-end transmission performance of networks and terminals
SG 13 General network aspects
SG 15 Transport networks, systems and equipment
SG 16 Multimedia services and systems

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